In January 2014, A Gamz became Egghead Games and one of the co-founders moved on. Since then, we have released new logic puzzles and continued to improve the apps with features like Smart Hints, sharing games between devices and free daily Quick Logic Puzzles. As well as logic puzzle improvements, we're working hard on Cryptograms and Acrostics for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices.

Until October 2015, we continued to sell and support the Kindle E-Reader products (Maze-A-Thon, Checkers, Contacts, Kee Ko's Quest and Stopwatch Timer) and the Barnes and Noble Nook versions of the Logic Puzzles, Cryptograms and Acrostics. These are no longer available for purchase. We will continue to provide reasonable support for these products, including purchase credits if you're moving to iOS, Android or Kindle Fire where these apps are still actively updated and supported. If you have one of those products and need help, please contact us via email or our contact page.