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New Acrostic puzzles and authors

Egghead Games

I'm happy to announce that our Acrostics app now includes puzzles from three new authors. We feature puzzles from PennyPress Crostics, Acrostics by Cyn (CynAcrostics, American Acrostics, AnimaAcrostics) and Acrostica, as well as 10 new volumes by Puzzle Baron. The Google Play and Kindle versions are available now, and an iOS update is coming soon.

When we saw the quality of the puzzles by these authors, we knew we had to bring them to you. To be honest, it involved much more work than we originally thought! The size and depth of these puzzles is amazing, and we wanted everyone to enjoy the full experience they offer. After months of testing, and lots of feedback from our tireless beta testers, we're proud of the result. The on screen layouts are crisper, the puzzle play is streamlined, and we went to great efforts to make the best use of screen space for all sized devices.

We hope you enjoy these new puzzles as much as we do. As always, if you have comments or suggestions, please contact us at We love to hear from you.

Happy puzzling! Mike @ Egghead Games