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Value is a conscious choice

Egghead Games

"If we are willing to start paying for the products and services we use, we stop being the commodity ... When users are the driver, companies will focus on adding value, not just grabbing our attention."

This is the Egghead Games philosophy in a snapshot. We don't have ads because we know it will distort how we build our puzzles. We don't "gamify" our apps with alerts popping up asking you to do things or distracting you to "earn" rewards. We build our apps with the classic paper puzzle magazine in mind.

You reach for your puzzles when you're ready to do them, when you're carving out time for them. We provide them in that same spirit. We make the puzzles the highest quality we can muster: both the puzzles themselves, and the apps that contain them.

In return, we ask for the price of a cup of coffee every week or few, depending on how fast you complete them, no pressure. Just like the puzzle magazines that used to be available at the corner store but are now hard to find.

It's all a little contrary to the modern app publishing mantra with its emphasis on freemium or ad supported. We believe there is room in the market for our approach and hope you and your friends believe it too.

Happy puzzling!

(The opening quote is from this thoughtful post.)